Scheduling A Call

This short phone call will focus on general questions about what video(s) you want, the scope of the project, timeline, budget, and of course a little about you and your business. 

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Video Options

After the initial phone call, the Producer will take time to write up a Creative Brief which will include a general summary, creative approach, examples, basic schedule, and what the bid includes such as client reviews and equipment. The Producer will send you the Creative Brief in personal video and type form.

Bring It To Life

After reading over the Creative Brief, you select the video package you like, and we begin pre-production. The first step is for the Producer to set up a Discovery Meeting which you to build a relationship and discuss details of the video and shoot. During this time a contract will be signed, a schedule will be written to be approved, a shoot day will be picked, and pre-production will go into full swing.

Video Convert To Sales

After the video is completed and delivered our Marketing Team will step in and give you a free consultation of where to post that video and how to use it.  On top of that, they will create and manage a Free two-week Facebook Ad and run it targeted to your specific cliental. We can run those ads targeted to what you choose, an age range, an income, and gender.  We can guarantee hundreds if not thousands of views and since we target those to legitimate possible clients, those views have a greater conversion rate then just posting a video in your timeline.


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